Wisconsin Writing and Istanbul Memoir

I was born and raised in Wisconsin, USA and in teenage-times I wrote my first short story of prose. It felt wonderful to create a tale. Ever after, I knew I would be a writer; a teller of stories. I went to college where I got degrees in Writing, History, and Middle Eastern Studies. While at university I had the chance to hone my novel writing skills. After college I worked as an instructor and hitchhiked around the USA, living for a spell in San Francisco and then riding the rails of Europe looking for a home. Eventually I settled in Istanbul, Turkey for six years where I wrote an expat memoir and lifestyle blog/vlog.

Journalism and Post-Katrina New Orleans

Wanting to give back to my country, I moved to post-Katrina New Orleans and worked with a relief agency. While in New Orleans I found that I could affect society most by using my skills as a writer and became a multimedia journalist.

“Interesting Times” in Cairo, Egypt

I came to Cairo to do research post-Arab Spring. I thought I would stay only a year. However, I love Egypt and it has become my new home. A Chinese blessing (or curse) says, “May you live in interesting times.” From the backstreets and central avenues, talking to the poor, the wealthy and everyone in-between, I tell the story of the bohemian underside.